Saturday, 2 March 2013

Follow Your Heart

I had the pleasure and privilege of capturing Lesley and Cassie's beautiful love in the almost equally lovely North Carolina spring sunshine. These two are made for each other, and it shows.

HRC Gala

I had the best time shooting at the HRC Gala last Saturday! It was a real treat to see my old boss and Charlotte photography mentor Jim McGuire and his crew there, too. The event pictures will be in NFocus magazine next month.

Arangetram 2013

I'm working with another family (and potentially two more) to capture their daughters' Arangetrams, or dance graduations. I had the opportunity to do this last year, as well as to shoot Dances of India, and I am delighted to be involved again in 2013.

More Dog Days

My girls are coming up to a year old, so here are some shots of them being sweet young ones playing in the yard! 

Saturday, 20 October 2012


On Saturday, 6th October, I had the great privilege of shooting at Pavani Gingrich's 'Arangetram', or dance graduation. This was a two hour performance of complex and varied traditional Bharatha Natyam dances, and was a huge family event to which a great many people travelled. It was a joy to see the culmination of twelve years of dedicated learning and practice under her Guru and mother, Dr. Maha Gingrich, and to be able to capture the closeness and pride of their family and friends.

Check out the My Other Limb Facebook page for more photos, and performance updates later this week!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

366 Project

A picture of me, every day, for a year.

The general idea was the same as every 365 project (366 as it's a Leap Year): to keep the camera in my hand at all times. Not too tough, as it's usually attached anyway. But I also wanted to make sure I was getting on the other side of the camera more often.

I wanted to do something to track this year of huge changes, and the only constant theme would be me (at least visually). Some photos are artistic, some are rough, some are very casual, some are cheats, some aren't even taken by me, some are thoughtful, and some are spur-of-the-moment. But here's 366 days of me; from long brown hair to short blonde hair, from the UK to the US, from Rogerson to Lloyd, from leaving to arriving.

From and including: Thursday, August 11, 2011 To and including: Friday, August 10, 2012. It is 366 days from the start date to the end date, end date included, or 1 year including the end date.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Where You Been So Long?

The quietness on MOL of late has been due to a few things. Work at the studio has slowed down a lot, which is apparently normal during the summer, and while I am taking MOL bookings for later in the year, a combination of the heat and (I imagine) the fact that this is a new business means that personal work has been scarcer of late. However, not to be discouraged! I will be working part-time at the studio and also (hopefully) at one of several jobs I have applied to, to help keep things ticking along.

A more personal reason that I've been quiet is because of a new addition (actually two, but this one is the reason for the quietness for sure!) to our family. We are the proud, happy, tired, loved-up owners of a rescue puppy named Alberta (Bertie for short). Bertie is a Collie/Australian Shepherd mix (we think), and is an absolutely wonderful dog. She's been with us for almost 6 weeks now and is getting along great. She is enjoying life with our other dog, and our new cat who we adopted at the same time as we got her.

As you might imagine, this has been an extra excuse for some photography...