Thursday, 20 August 2009

Belting Out Sunlight

Flowers at Sudeley Castle.

We Live On Fascination

Birds in the pheasantry; Sudeley Castle.

We Are Compelled To Do What We Have Been Forbidden

Keyhole at the church; Sudeley Castle.

Don't Be Afraid To Let Them Show

Peacock; the pheasantry at Sudeley Castle.

Eyes That Know The Darkness In My Soul

Shadowed leaves in the Victorian Garden at Sudeley Castle.

My Heart Races With You

Sunrise at Sousse, Tunisia; series #1.

Make Sure I'm Looking Up

Sunrise at Sousse, Tunisia; series #2.

Moving To The Break Of Day

Reflection in the swimming pool at sunrise; Sousse, Tunisia.

Tangerine Trees And Marmalade Skies

The humidity in Tunisia got to my compact somewhat, and this was the result (the effect was best achieved by pointing the camera at direct light). Psychedelic.

Bleue, Pour Ne Pas Qu'On La Confonde

Traditional French-style colours on a door in Sousse, Tunisia.

Peace Deep In My Soul

Parasol at sunrise; Sousse, Tunisia.

I Feel Like Walking The World

Nature in Tunisia: flowers and birds.

Au Bout Du Couloir

Amphitheatre at El Djem, Tunisia.

Like Seven Inches From The Midday Sun

Mosque; Kairouan, Tunisia.

While The Sun Smiles

Tourism in Tunisia.

Where It's So Easy To Get Burned

Parasols; Sousse, Tunisia.

Claim That Those Most Worthy Will Get What They Deserve

Garden worker; Kairouan, Tunisia.

Saturday, 8 August 2009