Monday, 8 March 2010

I Will Sing For Another One Day

A new form of art for me, the main credit going to my wonderful friend Lady Vicky Walters. I wrote some words and she created some beautiful music that gave them real meaning. So, I thought I would share it on here, as it's the only place I have/want to do so with any kind of context. It is also Valentine-themed (ish) so it might take the place of the distinct lack of any kind of Valentine photos, despite several promises...

Thank you, Vicky. Bless the Internet for its collaborative goodness and bringing together several photography-, pie- and silliness-loving humans.

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Eve said...


By any other name,
You would be mine.
My soul belongs to you,
This heart, more each day, the same.

I gave it to you
So long ago,
For you to quit it now,
I don't know what I can do.

Tears prick my eyes,
At the thought of songs
I could write for you -
Would still write, through the lies.

But, pen dry, eyes the same,
I pack the music away:
Shelved, boxed, hidden,
For a day that never came.

Maybe after the pain,
I will sing for another, one day.
But for now (Valentine, Valentine),
I'll just let in the rain.