Sunday, 19 June 2011

What Do You Hope to Find Here?

Nunney church and castle, Somerset.

What A Big Ol' Tree

Random flags in a tree, Nunney, Somerset.

Yes, We're One And The Same

Husband and wife Converse, queuing for Stonehenge.

You're Far Too Keen On Where and How

Crucifix in Nunney Church, Somerset.

Like Dip Di-dip Di-dip Doo-wop a Doo-bee Doo

Birds at Slimbridge WWT, Gloucestershire.

A Universe Gone Quickly

Flowers at Fretherne.

A Need to Leave the Water

Ben got a bit stuck in the banks of the (tide out) River Severn. 

Girl, We're Gonna Show the World That Something Good Can Work

Leah at Arlingham, looking over the River Severn.

It's Filling Up My Senses

Rococo Gardens, Gloucestershire.