Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Other Website

This will just be a short update post, as I plan on adding more written posts here on the MOL blog in the near future... and here's why:

My Other Limb is on its way to becoming an LLC. That basically means that it's going to be a company in its own right. I'll still be working as an assistant, and (when I can) working other jobs to pay the bills, if need be. But currently MOL is getting a lot of interest, and so in the spirit of "now or never", I'm going to go for it, and make it a company. With its own website, contracts, tax codes, and all the official things I've not done (or had to do!) before. It's scary, a little daunting, and very, very exciting.

So, although photos will of course still be posted here, my portfolio can be seen more completely (along with details of how to book a MOL shoot) on the official My Other Limb Website. This blog will now also serve as a more personal, although obviously photography-focused, written outlet.

If you have a moment, please do have a look around the MOL site by clicking on the link below!

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