Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Where You Been So Long?

The quietness on MOL of late has been due to a few things. Work at the studio has slowed down a lot, which is apparently normal during the summer, and while I am taking MOL bookings for later in the year, a combination of the heat and (I imagine) the fact that this is a new business means that personal work has been scarcer of late. However, not to be discouraged! I will be working part-time at the studio and also (hopefully) at one of several jobs I have applied to, to help keep things ticking along.

A more personal reason that I've been quiet is because of a new addition (actually two, but this one is the reason for the quietness for sure!) to our family. We are the proud, happy, tired, loved-up owners of a rescue puppy named Alberta (Bertie for short). Bertie is a Collie/Australian Shepherd mix (we think), and is an absolutely wonderful dog. She's been with us for almost 6 weeks now and is getting along great. She is enjoying life with our other dog, and our new cat who we adopted at the same time as we got her.

As you might imagine, this has been an extra excuse for some photography...

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