Saturday, 2 March 2013

Follow Your Heart

I had the pleasure and privilege of capturing Lesley and Cassie's beautiful love in the almost equally lovely North Carolina spring sunshine. These two are made for each other, and it shows.

HRC Gala

I had the best time shooting at the HRC Gala last Saturday! It was a real treat to see my old boss and Charlotte photography mentor Jim McGuire and his crew there, too. The event pictures will be in NFocus magazine next month.

Arangetram 2013

I'm working with another family (and potentially two more) to capture their daughters' Arangetrams, or dance graduations. I had the opportunity to do this last year, as well as to shoot Dances of India, and I am delighted to be involved again in 2013.

More Dog Days

My girls are coming up to a year old, so here are some shots of them being sweet young ones playing in the yard!